Namdar Realty Group “(NRG”) was founded by Igal Namdar in 1999, with the acquisition of a small retail strip on Long Island, New York.

Mr. Namdar and his namesake firm have since grown immensely to become one of the top ten largest retail landlords in the United States. The firm currently manages well over 70-million square feet of commercial real estate, comprising of hundreds of properties and is actively expanding. It should be noted, this figure does not take into account the assets (and CRE Notes) which were disposed of during the course of the past two decades.

Throughout the years, NRG has organically grown into a vertically integrated real estate company. The firm is comprised of many departments and hundreds of employees. It boasts a robust in-house, acquisitions, leasing and finance team. The teams have strong relationships with their respective brokerage communities, retail tenants (both national and “mom-and-pop”), as well as various categories of lenders.

Additionally, NRG has a full staff of property and asset managers in its corporate office, as well as locally at each asset throughout the country. The “boots-on-the-ground” approach allows NRG to rapidly and efficiently handle any issue which may arise on a property level.

While a majority of NRG’s portfolio is comprised of retail assets, the portfolio also includes multi-family, mixed-use, office and healthcare properties, throughout the United States.

Namdar owns and operates retail properties throughout the United States.
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