The Igal Namdar Portfolio actively invests in both the private and public markets, at various stages of a company's life cycle.
Active Various coking coal mines.
Addepar An American wealth management platform for registered investment advisors, specializing in data aggregation, analytics, and portfolio reporting.
AeroVanti A membership-based private charter aviation company that pioneered an entirely new market segment within the industry.
Aerovanti Yacht Club Offers bespoke travel options by sea on the most unique vessels around.
Aiode An AI driven marketplace that offers music creators the chance to work with real musicians.
Albedo Ultra high resolution optical imagery
American Consolidated Natural Resources The largest underground coal mining company in America.
AptDeco The easiest way to buy and sell furniture
Blackrock Neurotech Neurotechnology platform.
Bodyport Biomarker-guided digital therapeutics.
Bolt Financial An American financial technology startup that provides merchants with software to facilitate one-click online checkouts.
Breylong First-ever headset-free virtual display for gaming, entertainment and enterprise applications.
California Pizza Kitchen An American casual dining restaurant chain that specializes in California-style pizza.
CorrActions The first software-only, hardware-agnostic, real-time monitor of human cognitive states, based on motion data collected through existing motion sensors.
Crypto Investments in various crypto currencies.
Cubefabs A highly novel construction-related special project.
CyViation Cyber security solutions for the commercial and private aviation industries with a key focus on aircraft communication vulnerabilities in the air and on the ground.
Earli Early cancer detection technology
Edit Online marketplace selling limited edition clothing.
EnchargeAI A leader in advanced AI hardware and software systems for edge computing.
Fuel Me A first-of-its-kind, cloud-based technology platform that allows customers nationwide to purchase fuel or any other energy commodity used to power their trucks, machinery, generators, or tanks.
George Comfort & Sons Founded in 1919, the company specializes in acquisitions, asset/property management and brokerage.
Goodrich Quality Theaters A chain of 22 movie theaters with location in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Alabama and Pennsylvania.
Gravitics Next-Generation Modules for the Space Industry. Gravitics manufactures advanced space station modules and free-flyers that enable incredible possibilities in space.
Hooke A new era of visual acuity examinations.
Iron Various iron mines.
Jennifer Furniture Furniture company based predominantly in New York and New Jersey.
Kazuar Cyber-Security solution.
KCA Deutag An international oil and gas services company with headquarters in Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
Magic Spoon The maker of better-for-you cereals.
Nam Explorer Music Label.
Nam Funding Factoring Accounts Receivable.
Namdar & Son Corporation Multigenerational national wholesale jewelry company.
Nanobebe Award winning ecosystem of health-focused baby bottle feeding, cleaning and travel essentials
Nanotronics A science technology company that has redefined factory control through AI.
Nexar AI driven dash cam.
PNZ Bringing integrity and traceability to the carbon credit system through use of blockchain technology.
Sonic Edge The smallest speaking with the best sound.
Southeastern Grocers A supermarket portfolio headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida
Spotter Empowering YouTube creators with game-changing capital, exclusive insights, insider knowledge and a community to accelerate their business and achieve creative freedom.
SSB LLC Innovating the ready-to-drink alcohol space.
Stokes An American space launch company.
Teramount Optical fiver connectivity for ultra-high bandwidth applications.
Tevva A leading British technology company and truck manufacturer, best known for its zero-emission Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell range-extended vehicles.
TheVets At home pet care
Tonogold A junior mining company, focusing on developing and maintaining mining leases on properties in Nevada.
Userfront A secure full-featured platform for authentication and access control.
Velotix Automated data security platform.
Ventures Brazil An advanced FX Algo trading technology company that has a proprietary algorithm to predict FX multi currencies prices globally.
Waterfall Atlas Fund A buyout fund managed by Waterfall Asset Management. The fund is located in NYC and prefers retail as asset class.

Namdar owns and operates retail properties throughout the United States.
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